Keynote Speaker for 2017

Enid Welford met TA when she was working in a Probation office with mentally disordered offenders. They provided willing research into the effectiveness of TA for clients who had very disturbed backgrounds, and who often played third degree games.Enid has always been profoundly grateful for the way she and they found ways to work effectively together.These clients also demonstrated staying power that was unexpected; some of them came for therapy way beyond their official requirement to do so, showing that they also could develop capacity to attach to themselves and others.

Enid became a PTSTA in 2001, and a TSTA(P) in 2011, She worked with Jane McQuillin at the Lakeland Institute until its closure when Jane retired.They formed a rich partnership and developed together a passion for Family Constellations as an approach that can resolve issues that are buried in the family history.They co authored an article for the TAJ on the effectiveness of this approach and how it can be understood from a TA perspective.Enid wrote a second article on how grief can be understood from a systemic perspective.She continues to explore the overlap between TA and systemic work, and is endlessly fascinated by it.

Enid has been a member of the Ethics and Professional Practice Committee for many years.She is a constant supporter of regional conferences, and was for many years on the committee for the Manchester Gathering.  

She is delighted that at last a regional conference is taking place in the midlands, and looks forward to an exiting day and to connecting with the participants and the beautiful venue.