Keynote Speaker 2018

Keynote Speaker for 2018

Robin Hobbes

I live and work in Manchester running a TA and Integrative psychotherapy and counselling training centre called elan training and have done so for 30 years. I work as an independent supervisor, trainer and therapist.

I am the former chair of the British Institute of Transactional Analysis and am currently the Ethics Advisor to the European Transactional Analysis Association which I have done for the last 5 years.

EMTAG is one, amongst many, forms for the life of the TA community. A community I have valued and promoted for many years. The gathering together of people who share the values and practices which coalesce in the form of TA is always for me a fulfilling process. The meeting of new people, the renewing of old connections, is what , for me, makes gatherings like EMTAG something to support, enable and participate in. I’m looking forward to and honoured to be asked to make the Keynote speech this year and will spend time exploring with everyone the phenomenon of trust.